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The application possibilities of the Ergoswiss lift and positioning systems are almost unlimited. Tables (office, CAD, assembly, packaging and laboratory tables, plane and workbenches) and work surfaces (cashier stations, check-in counters) can be adjusted in height as well as tilt degree. This allows for individual adjustment to different employees.

Optimal setting of the working site reduces the fatigue of your employees, which in turn leads to increased productivity and a reduced number of accidents and injuries. Simultaneously, health problems diminish, particularly backaches. Thanks to these facts, the cost of acquisition is returned within several months.
Whether in the office, industry or household, nursing homes or doctor’s surgeries, these are the places which will appreciate having a more simple, comfortable and productive environment.
The Ergoswiss systems are also a cost-effective and efficient alternative for moving heavy loads. Examples would be the lifting of machine covers or glass covers of curio cabinets, the height adjustment of platforms or the adjustment of conveyor belts or roller tables to different work positions.

The systems can be used in the home to lower mirrors or upper cabinets. Height-adjustable kitchen islands or sinks ease the work for seniors, different-size people or handicapped people. Installed in a bed or in a bathtub, the lift system aids people getting in and out. Even baby changing tables, cots, sewing machines and washers can be supplemented with our systems.
Do you plan another use for it? Contact us! We are glad to work with you to find a solution.


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Schéma systému

The fluid is pressed from the pump (II) by the drive (I) into up to 10 cylinders (III), which extend. The simple hydraulic principle requires a reset force of at least 50 N (5 kg) to press the fluid back into the pump.

The Ergoswiss system is installed functional, loadindependent and fully synchronized through flexible connecter hoses. Our system has a decisive advantage over conventional systems due to its small size, high load capacity and quiet drive.


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Popis systému

Linear unit LA
The fluid (I) located in the pressure element of the pump, flows into the cylinder (II) and presses against the piston rod (III). The cylinders extend simultaneously through the displacement of the fluid in all the pressure elements of the pump. The standpipe (IV), which is screwed to the piston rod, is pressed out of the housing (V). When the cylinder extends, it glides into the plastic bearings (VI) of the aluminium profile.
Pump PB
The piston rods (II) are pushed from the pusher block (III) into the pressure elements (IV) through the movement of the drive (I). This presses the fluid (V) out of the pressure elements into the connected cylinder. Each connected cylinder has its own pressure element in the pump.


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