Elektric Lifting Systems

Systems with electric units excel with their low demands on the building space. They are especially suitable where there is not enough space for mounting the pump. With the electrical system, it is not necessary to connect the units to the pump using the hoses.
The lift of the electric units is ensured by a trapezoidal screw driven by a built-in electric drive. This system does not require a minimum return force, as is the case with the hydraulic system, therefore it is suitable for building tables where this load can not be guaranteed.

How to do it?

With the table systems SL and SM can be converted quickly and flexibly. The maximum capacity is 1,000 kg. The maximum stroke is 400mm at a stroke speed of 12 mm / s.

The base frame SL consists of 2 lifting columns, a crossbar and 2 table feet. The crossbars slide easily into the grooves of the lifting column and are clamped with an Allen key. Both lifting columns are connected to the synchronous control system by means of a plug-in connector and are immediately ready for operative use. Various screws to mount the table top are included in delivery. The base frame is delivered unassembled.

We are preparing

A vision for the future is that each hydraulic unit has its alternative in an electric variant. Variants of linear LA and LG units will be added soon. With these units ergonomics can be achieved with an easy installation in an existing workplace. Four units can be connected to one control unit and can be synchronized with one control.
This will extend the group of electric units to four types, namely SL, SM, SLA and SLG.