Eye Protection

Any worker who is exposed to the risk of eye or face injuries at work must be provided with appropriate protective equipment, such as safety goggles, face mask or protective shield. All eye-protection aids should provide the highest level of protection while at the same time they should not limit the work and should provide optimal comfort.

In our offer you will find safety glasses not only for eye protection at work, but also glasses suitable for sports and leisure activities.

Human eye

The human eye is one of our most sensitive organs and needs to be protected from injuries and harmful effects. The effects of hazards to the human eye can cause serious health effects, so appropriate attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate eye and face protection products. Choose from our eye and face protection offer to ensure your company has healthy and productive employees.

Engage your staff when choosing glasses!

Safety glasses only perform their function if they are used. In order for workers to wear prescribed safety glasses without reservations, it is important that they maximize their comfort and feel good. Engage your employees in the choice of safety glasses to achieve optimal harmony between safety, comfort, ergonomics and design requirements. Because only safety glasses that fit well are also worn without reservations!