Rail linear guide

Anyone who is looking for a partner to resolve linear motion at high load and accuracy is in the right place here. We work with leading renowned Schneeberger brand. The basis of the guides are profile rails and rolling bearings with closed rollers of rolling elements. Roller elements or rollers are used as rolling elements. Depending on the design, the lines differ in the number of rolling paths. Thanks to the preloaded guide trucks, they allow for precise movement in the longitudinal direction, without play and almost without friction. A very comprehensive programme enables us to find the optimal solution for you to design a new machine. And for supplying spare parts, we use our extensive stockpiles.

Printed catalogues for our customers for free

We are doing our best to make your work easier! Are you among those who prefer to work with printed catalogues rather then with the electronic ones? Then one of our above standard services is for you. All catalogues, brochures or flyers we send to our customers by mail upon request for free.