Stairways and platforms (TPS)

Platforms and stairs are designed with emphasis on meeting safety standards.

The stair and platform system, the so called TPS system, consists of a small number of special components that can be used in several ways within the TPS system, which greatly facilitates work and design of landings and stairs.

The stair and platform system uses a slot of size 8 and is thus compatible with the MB system, which allows the use and expansion of the system by gates, doors, anchor elements and other accessories.

We offer stairs under four different angles (30°, 38°, 45° and 60°) and the ability to customize profile lengths, all that will allow you to tailor the TPS system exactly to your needs. All components are securely bolted with aluminum profiles. Thanks to the versatility of the couplings, it is not necessary to cut profiles at an angle or weld the construction. If necessary, it is possible to extend the stairs or the platform according to the current requirements.

Highly resistant anodized aluminum profiles have long durability, scratch protection and easy maintenance. Columns, handles and knee bars reduce the risk of injury and are characterized by a minimum of open grooves.

On-line configurator of stairways and platforms (EN)
On-line configurator of stairways and platforms (DE)

Stairs of the TPS system and their use

Stairs 30° - the staircase is very simple and comfortable, the staircase is suitable in cases where the operator carries load. To reach the required height, you need to overcome the largest number of stairs from the stairs offered
Stairs 38° - staircase is very simple and comfortable, the staircase is suitable in cases where the operator carries smaller load. Required heights can be achieved by using a smaller number of steps than a staircase of 30 °.
Stairs 45° - this staircase is still a relatively easy for operator without load.  This is an optimal staircase, when we have a relatively low staircase and a ground plan small area.
Stairs 60° - it is a service stair only for occasional ascent (ascent is difficult). The staircase has the minimum possible floor plan


We will design the landings exactly as you wish. Landings consist of cut profiles (max. length 6000 mm) wide 240 or 160 mm up to max. 6.080 mm after addition of 80 mm.


The railing consists of tubes of a diameter of 40 mm and 30 mm.

Thanks to the wide range of accessories line 8, the railing can be complemented by a gate, a hinged barrier or other optional assortment.