Tube system for lean production (LPS)

The aluminum tubular LPS system consisting of D30 circular profiles has been developed to meet the growing demand for lean production. Also constantly in the production process you are wondering if you prefer speed or quality? The LPS system allows you to secure both at once. Unique features of the LPS system allow you to handle assembly very quickly and so it is not necessary to limit production for a long time.

Advantages of the system:

  • the LPS system uses only one clutch for all connections at an angle of 90°.       
  • each clutch in the LPS system is self-supporting, that is, the assembly can be carried out by one person
  • circular aluminum tubes are ESD-designed to protect sensitive parts of products from static discharge
  • combination of aluminum pipes and cast aluminum provides a long-lasting connection - tighten once and for all

The new generation of lean production building kit systems

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Aluminum tubes and profiles can also be fitted with shelves. Both for storing materials and storage racks which are used to replenish material at the workplace.

Rack FIFO – this type of rack is part of a table or line. The KLT boxes with material taken by the worker are at the top of the roller conveyor. After emptying the crates, the assembler removes this crate from the track and places it on the lower track (a gradient opposite to the full crate tracks) which serves as a stack for empty boxes. The operator, who completes the empty crates, completes it, inserts it into the upper track and repeats the cycle

 Storage racks are optimally made from round profiles, ie the LPS system (D30 pipes). On these pipes, roller tracks are mounted by means of steel holders, on which are then placed plastic KLT or other boxes with material. Roller track spacing and bearing capacity will be adjusted to your requirements.

Shelves for storing material - square profiles are suitable for this type of shelves because they have higher load bearing capacity and are produced in different sizes. The filler on which the material is stored is delivered according to your requirements. Commonly used is laminated board th. 18mm, which in most cases has sufficient bearing capacity and a favorable price.

From round to square

Special adapters allow you to combine round LPS tubes with standard square profiles. So if you already use work desks, assembly lines or other items from the classic aluminum profiles of the company item, it will not be a problem for you to connect them with new LPS accessories.

One connector, one person

The LPS system uses one coupling type for all angle connections 90°. The use of one coupling greatly simplifies and speeds up assembly, plus one type of coupling reduces inventory requirements and simplifies logging. In addition, the coupling is self-supporting, which means that only one person is required for gradual assembly.

Low weight at high stiffness

The advantage of aluminum pipes is the combination of high rigidity of the rack, trolley, etc. at the low weight of the assembly. Compared to square profiles, much easier transport is possible because of the low weight when relocating the tube structure.

Profiles and accessories for lean production

Profiles for lean production have a uniform outer diameter of 30 mm. Profiles are available not only in aluminum but also in special design - these are KH profiles made of a mixture of plastic and wood. These special profiles are particularly suited for the chemical industry or laboratory use - wherever the tube is needed to be insulating.

Another special design is high strength carbon fiber tubes.

Aluminum profiled tubes are available in addition to a natural aluminum look in six different colors, which you will appreciate, for example, if the color of the cart also has a warning character.