A properly designed workbench must not only allow height adjustment, but it should be suitably equipped to minimize unnecessary movements or actions to achieve maximum operator performance.

For this work-desk add-on, the accessory is divided into several categories.

The right seating position

The right seating position means better work. Back pain, especially in the case of sedentary activities, is one of the most common complaints and causes of illness for employees.

Work chairs for ergonomic workplaces support correct ergonomic working practices and increase long-term employee performance.

Lighting at work

Appropriate worktop illumination reduces worker error and fatigue and improves performance.

In the light range, you can find lights with classic and LED tubes to illuminate the entire workplace, as well as a halogen lamp and LED lamps to illuminate a particular part of the workplace.

For mounting small parts, we offer a magnifying glass with lightening.

ESD equipment of the workplace

For the installation of products sensitive to electrostatic discharge, we offer the option of adding ESD elements to workstations. These include ESD foils for workbench, ESD brace for worker, we also offer grounding of this board or bracelet and charge.

When designing and delivering a work desk (workplace, cart, etc.), we are able to deliver everything in ESD design, including the ESD measurement protocol.

Ensuring supplies of material to workplace

For the optimal supply of the workplace with material, we offer shelves, plastic and aluminum boxes and picking dishes, and several types of swivel arms for either material trays or tool holders.