Aluminium safety fences

Protective aluminum fences are designed exactly according to customer requirements - aluminum fencing is an ideal solution for long, straight fences as well as for articulated assemblies.

Delivery of Fencing

Fencing can be manufactured and installed on your or our design directly in your company. If you want to install the fencing yourself, we will provide you ready-made material ready to be assembled according to the design or you will buy semi-finished products (profiles, fillings) and you can realize your fence according to your ideas.

ESD Fencing

Fences can also be offered in ESD versions, with mesh or hardened ESD plastic.

Mobile Fencing

In case of your interest, we will produce the panels on wheels and you can easily assemble them into the desired shape after transporting them to your destination. Fitting, dismantling and transporting the fencing is very fast and variable in this embodiment.

Accessories – doors

Doors can be either swiveling, folding, sliding or retractable. Sliding and retractable doors can be equipped with a motor drive on request. The sliding door is equipped with a remote control and a motion sensor. The sliding door is equipped with a remote control and a motion sensor. All types of doors can be complemented by a ball lock or lock. Additional accessories include, for example, sensors or security locks.


In aluminium safety fences we offer wide range of panels - transparent, non-transparent (polycarbonate, plexiglass, PET-G), colorful, tinted, translucent, to opaque panels. As opaque panel it can be use e. g. plastic (hardened plastic, PP, PVC etc.), aluminium or composite boards. Another possibility of panels is steel mesh.