Conveyors and conveyors system

We produce several types of conveyors in many variants. The modular construction system allows the conveyors to be added to different types of substructures or to be prepared for installation into larger units or, eventually production and assembly lines. Conveyors are developed by our company using our own components and components of the modular system item. We produce all types of conveyors "made-to-measure", ie. according to the customer´s wishes.

Field of application of Haberkorn conveyor systems

  • transport of piece material at temperature +10 up to +120 °C
  • indoor use under normal operating conditions (temperature +10 up to 60 °C, relative humidity up to 60 %, explosion-free environmnet)
  • changing the direction, height and flow rate of the conveyed material
  • cumulation of conveyed material on the conveyor
  • carrying out technological operations directly on the conveyor (blasting, degreasing, draining oil into the tub under the conveyor, etc.)
  • standardized parts for easy and quick assembly or disassembly of individual conveyor parts
  • a wide choice of many types of conveyors to find the ideal material transport solution
  • nonstandard solutions to customer requirements
  • declaration of conformity issued for complete conveyors
  • inquiry forms
  • catalog of Conveyor systems

Documentation for conveyors

  • we provide all conveyors with instructions for use and maintenance, a list of spare parts
  • electro inspection for conveyors supplied with electrical connections
  • declaration on the incorporation of incomplete machinery or, EC declaration of conformity

Wide range of accessories for conveyors

A large selection of optional accessories allows us to design the conveyor exactly according to your needs.

Standard mechanical accessories

  • various types of underlying sheets under the process belt
  • belt and chain guidance without or with integrated sidewall
  • additional side guides adjustable both horizontally and vertically
  • various types of base structures

Standard electrical accessories

  • motor connection via frequency converter
  • motor connection via motor starter
  • STOP button for each operator workstation
  • sensor for product registration on a conveyor in the end or in any working position
  • various drive positions relative to the conveyor

 Process, Modular and Plate Bands

  • wide selection of materials with different mechanical and chemical resistance
  • wide choice of transport layer design
  • wide selection of belts