Curved belt conveyors

The new generation of 60 C curved belt conveyor has a drive connection via an embedded transmission. This improves installation dimensions and provides the ability to change belt speed to change gear ratio.

Curved belt conveyors are mainly designed to transport piece goods of various properties, especially where the position of the product is to be maintained when the flow direction is changed and the building space is optimized. They are mainly used for installation in larger transport units or, production and assembly lines. Unlike curves with a modular belt or a chain link, the belt curve have no entry and exit straight section.

Curved Belt Conveyor 60C

Curved belt conveyors 60C Curved belt conveyors 60C - draw

Standard parameters
Cover inner Radius Rk 405 – 2 005 mm
Minimal Belt Inner Radius Ri 200 mm
Conveyor load 50 kg/m; 100 kg/conveyor
Drive 3 x 230 – 400 V (1 x 230 V)
Belt Speed Measured in Belt Axis* 3 - 20 m/min
Conveyor Belt PVC, PU, Fabric
Ambient Temperature 10 – 60 °C
Pulleys Diameter 62 mm
* Possibility of Speed Regulation by Frequency Converter in the Range from 40 to 150% (Nominal Speed =100%).
The above figures are standard. Other values on request.


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