Hydraulic Lifting System

The power unit drives hydraulic oil out of the pump and into up to ten cylinders, which causes the piston rods to be extended. The principle of single-acting hydraulics requires a restoring force of at least 100 N per cylinder to press the hydraulic oil back into the pump.The Ergoswiss system is assembled using flexible hoses. It functions independently of load and operates completely synchronously. Thanks to its small dimensions, high load capacity and quiet operation, our system has distinct advantages over conventional lifting systems.


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We offer a complete solution for table construction. When purchasing one of the complete systems, it is sufficient to assemble the purchased items according to the instructions, attach the worktop and the table is ready for use. Systems are available as a whole as well as individual parts.

Ergoswiss systems are often used to facilitate day-to-day office work. Our system has a very elegant look that enables individual and modern interior design. With the height of the work surface adjustable, work can be carried out in an ideal position. This reduces worker fatigue, which not only increases productivity but also helps to maintain the overall health of the workforce.

Hydraulic Lifting System

Hydraulic Lifting System Hydraulic lifting wheels

We use health-conscious oils

Thanks to health-conscious oil, the system can also be used in food, healthcare, hospitality and health-related operations.