Kit systems profiles

We offer unique kit systems of aluminium profiles of German company item Industrietechnik GmbH which are used for the construction of single-purpose machines and equipment. From systems we design and produce work and assembly tables, transport carts, assembly lines, frames and machine covers or staircases and landings.


Our intelligent configurators are fast, easy-to-use tools for designing custom projects. Parts lists and 3D PDFs speed up planning and coordination considerably.

Installation profiles

Installation profiles are mainly used in areas such as production and industrial halls where the workplaces are relocated. They allow you to use your workplace anywhere and safely.

Installation profiles (catalogue item 9)

How we divide systems of aluminium profiles?

MB - aluminium profile system with grooves, five base lines (5, 6, 8, 10, 12) including accessories (fasteners, fillings, handles, legs, etc.). It is a universal system that is suitable for the construction of covers, frames, trolleys etc.

WBS - a work table system that makes possible to produce tables exactly according to customer requirements. Tables can be placed separately or can be incorporated into assembly lines.

LPS - tube system for lean production, the basis are aluminium tubes with a diameter of 30 mm. The system is most commonly used for the construction of gradient shelves, inter-operational containers or trolleys.

XMS - consists of aluminium profiles with covered grooves and minimal radii. It is designed for the construction of equipment in clean rooms such as precision engineering or laboratories.

TPS - is designed for the construction of stairs and platforms. Special profiles allow the construction of stairs, platforms and handrails with minimal open slots, reducing the risk of injury.

On-line catalogue

A comprehensive catalogue of modular system with elements library for fast and easy constructions from simple frames to fully automated production lines:

Uniqueness of the system

Forget complicated and time consuming assembly, welding and demanding linking of single parts. Alumunium profile system enables simple and especially fast construction without special tools whether you make machine frames, work tables, transport carts, conveyers or assembly lines.

Tailored to your plant

We will adjust standard tables to required dimensions and equipment. We can strictly keep by you required dimensions of tables, all layout of shelves and accessories.

We add lightning to the tables and electrical distribution, tool holders and container of elements for assembly, adjustable worktops and shelves, drawers, etc. Customer has a choice whether to choose table with or without rear superstructure or with console for light, there are four types of worktops available, different drawer boxes, tool holders, drawings, drinks, etc.


Do you need to expand existing workplace, do you miss tool trays when installling or when you transport material between workplaces? Our carts are variable.

We provide carts with shelves, small material trays, tilting holders for easy access, we can place drink holders, adjust height of shelves according to by you used boxes, simply - we will adjust them to all your requirements!