Fencing of Storage Space

The fencing system of the storage area is designed to meet all today's requirements in this area. Of course, there are excellent safety features and compliance with EN standards for a given category of protection. In addition to safety, it is important that the fencing system works smoothly. The intention of the system is to meet the requirement to facilitate work on both the inside and the outside of the fencing. Fencing of the storage area is based on standardized elements such as panels, columns and color design which makes it easy to complement the existing fencing.

X-Store 2.0

Fencing of warehouses and storage areas. We deliver in four heights and many widths that can be combined. In addition to the panel, clear plastic and sheet metal panels are also available. We offer tailor-made pillars and panels, of course we also combine with any door sets from our offer or a non-standard color design.

Instructional video X-Store 2.0

Distribution of Storage Spaces Installing fence of Storage Spaces


It is designed for fencing racks and is the ideal solution for safety, appearance and easy use in the warehouse. It can also serve as a barrier to goods and thus prevents personal injury and damage to goods. The system is suitable for all types of warehouses, from small, manually operated to fully automated warehouses with stackers.


For storing the material. These are partition walls that contribute to safe, flexible and trouble-free storage.

Rack Shelves

Very practical and durable system suitable for storing small items individually and on pallets. No dust is deposited on the shelves and they release not only light but also water which is a frequent requirement when using a fire extinguisher.