Materials and equipment (MB)

The system is based on precision anodized aluminum profiles with longitudinal grooves and holes for fastening connecting elements and extensive accessories. Surface of the profiles is resistant to corrosion and scratching. Concept of the system enables great flexibility, high accuracy and stronghold but also fast adjustability and ability to reuse system features.

CAD database of kit systems profiles

You do not have time to draw each component when designing a device? Use CAD drawings of kit system profiles in all basic 2D and 3D formats.

CAD libraries:

The database contains more than 7,500 unique parts. All parameters and materials are the same as those we will deliver to you.

Basic construct lines of aluminium profiles

Aluminum profiles are available in five differently dimensioned design ranges, the designation of which is derived from the width of the respective groove:

Profiles 5: Compact and lightweight profiles

Groove width 5 mm, modular cross-section 20 mm.

Thanks to their low weight and compact dimensions, item Line 5 profiles are ideal for constructions that are elegant but stable. For example, Line 5 profiles with flat cross-sections are used as carriage profiles in linear systems. Profiles from this line are also perfect for building lightweight frames and can accommodate a maximum tensile load of 500 N on the groove (M5 bolts).


Profiles 6: Weight-optimised profiles

Groove width 6 mm, modular cross-section 30 mm.

Line 6 profiles are a good choice for use in strong, weight-optimised tables, racks and frames. They support a slimline design and use resources sparingly, while variants with closed grooves create a harmonious appearance. The maximum extraction force on the groove is 1,750 N (M6 bolts).


Profiles 8: The standard material for design engineers

Groove width 8 mm, modular cross-section 40 mm.

Line 8 profiles from item are the originals of the aluminium building kit system. They offer the widest range of variants and are robust all-rounders that can withstand tensile loading of up to 5,000 N and use M8 bolts.


Profiles 10: Maximum load-carrying capacity for demanding applications

Groove width 10 mm, modular cross-section 50 mm.

Line 10 profiles are used when heavy loads need to be supported but space is limited. The high-strength profile flanks accommodate tensile loading of up to 7,000 N per screw connection (M10). These added-value profiles are also resistant to pre-tension losses. Lightweight Profiles 10E can be used in machine areas involving low loads.


Profiles 12: Our strongest profiles

Groove width 12 mm, modular cross-section 60 mm.

The strongest line in the MB Building Kit System is Line 12. The grooves accommodate extraction forces of up to 10,000 N per screw connection. The solid profiles are perfect for building high-strength frames and machine bases. Line 12 can also carry even heavy attachments.

The most used series is Line 8. This serie has the widest accessory and it is suitable for the construction of very demanding shelters, workplaces, shelves, trolleys and tables, where different equipment is required exactly according to the customer's needs.

Advantages of aluminium profiles

  • affordable solutions with easy preparation of production, easy assembly and possibility of reusable parts
  • screw connections, systems not requiring welding
  • high-precision, strength and durability of single components while keeping a low weight construction
  • quick realization thanks to minimum demands for processing
  • possibility for additional completion of accessories or modifications of already delivered systems
  • without the need for costly machine equipment and without a necessity of surface finishes
  • modern design
  • quick and easy design with comprehensive catalogue and components library for CAD applications on DVD

Fast accessibility

We have the largest stock in the Czech and Slovak Republic. We deliver the goods through three warehouses in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia. We dispatch warehouse goods within one working day, delivering non-delivery items within one week. Stock goods are regularly refilled to the maximum capacity limits of each warehouse.

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