Workbenches and assembly tables (WBS)

Are you looking for ways to make work productivity more efficient and speed up workflows? One of the solutions is ergonomically designed workplace, especially work and assembly tables. Numerous studies have shown that ergonomically designed workplaces help not only eliminate unnecessary and often damaging movements of employees at work but it is also proven that relaxed staff make far fewer mistakes. 

We produce work, packing and assembly tables using aluminum profile system. We are able to adapt the workplace to the specific wishes of the customer and thanks to its rich accessories we are able to offer equipment meeting the most demanding criteria. We also offer integration of tables into assembly lines or their addition with various handling equipment such as belt conveyors or roller tracks.

On-line configurator of work tables (EN)
On-line configurator of work tables (DE)


The goal of ergonomics is to adapt the work environment to human needs. In everyday life this means adapting work heights to different staff figures and different work activities, along with optimizing working conditions, workflows and facilities.

A well-tailored workplace reduces employee fatigue, resulting in reduced injuries and accidents. It also reduces the incidence of health problems, especially back problems. Ergonomic workplaces support employee motivation to increase productivity.

Possibility of additional fitting of the tables and their compatibility

If there is a change in the production program in your production, it is usually associated with workplace adjustment. For example, it may be necessary to increase the storage boxes in lean production or to improve the table`s desk lighting.

Thanks to the option of adding shelves to tables, it is possible to easily increase the number of boxes as well as to add a profile to the top ramp and to fit another light. And all without the need for welding, you only need to fasten the profile to the existing frame with the screw connection.

Exactly tailored to your operation

We adapt the standard tables to the required dimensions and accessories. We are able to keep the required table dimensions, all shelf and accessory layouts exactly. Tables are complemented by lighting and electrical wiring, tool holders and assembly mounts, adjustable work desks and shelves, drawers, etc.

The customer has a choice of table with or without a rear body or with a light bracket, four types of work desks, various drawer boxes, tool holders, drawings, beverages, etc. are available.

ESD equipment of the workplace

For the installation of products sensitive to electrostatic discharge, we offer the option of adding ESD elements to workstations. These include ESD foils for workbench, ESD brace for worker, we also offer grounding of this board or bracelet and charge.

When designing and delivering a work desk (workplace, cart, etc.), we are able to deliver everything in ESD design, including the ESD measurement protocol.

Assembly lines

The kit system is also suitable for building complete assembly lines. The number of types and sizes of profiles, a wide range of accessories and extensive documentation for construction work allows you to realize even the most demanding technical solutions. All without costly machinery and with professional results.
Advantages of assembly lines

  • Quick realization
  • Fast adjustability
  • Possibility of additional adjustments
  • Quantity of supplements

Workbenches and assembly tables - Instructional video

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