Mobile disinfection stands

Mobile disinfection racks are made of LPS tubular system for lean production and are suitable for hand disinfection wherever and wherever hand cleanliness is required.

  • They are made of aluminium tubes D30 and accessories.
  • Installation in place by transfering or transporting (if mobile stand is equipped with wheels).
  • The stands can be washed with alcohol disinfection.
  • If you wish the stands can be equipped with additional accessories such as disposable gloves and protective glasses.

We produce disinfection racks according to your wishes and adapt to your requirements, based on sketches we will send you an offer including a drawing.

The stands can stand directly on the tubes, they can be equipped with adjusting legs or wheels for easy transport. If you need to mount the racks directly on a table or structure, we will design a solution to suit your requirements.

Mobile disinfection stand large

Stand with A3 size handle (eg. for proper hand disinfection procedure), with disinfectant holder and drip channel.

Drawing of mobile disinfection stand larde


Mobile disinfection stand small

Cost-effetive stand with disinfectant holder and with drip channel.

Drawing of mobile disinfection stand small

Updated: 14. 4. 2020