Frames and covers of the machines (XMS)

We use the aluminum profile system to manufacture frames and machine covers. The system offers more than 200 types of profiles in different sizes, class 10.9 fasteners and many accessories.

The undisputed advantage of the frames and covers is simple assembly, quick adjustability and the possibility of additional adjustments. We also offer a wealth of accessories - nuts with screws for additional insertion into profile grooves, handles, hinges and joints, air distributions, cable ducts, anchor clips or scroll wheels.

Series XMS

System XMS is special series of aluminum profiles with covered grooves and minimal radii.
This system is suitable for the construction of equipment designed primarily for clean rooms.

Most often XMS system covers are used in precision engineering, in medical environments or in laboratories.


Advantages of XMS system

  • compatible with standard item profiles
  • easily accessible integrated channels for media distribution
  • closed areas ensuring cleanliness and sealing of the workspace
  • the doors are reinforced to ensure their stiffness

Machine covers

Using aluminum anodized profile covers you get the perfect protection and appearance of the equipment at very reasonable prices. For the covers outside profiles can also be used special profiles designed specifically for fastening the filler. Our covers have sliding and easy demountable frames, they are abrasion resistant and offer the choice of different types of fillers.

Wide range of fillings

Fillings can be transparent for the ability to monitor production operations in the enclosed space, only translucent or opaque.

Aluminum anodized fillings can tastefully complement the aesthetic appearance of the cover and can be used, for example, for presentation purposes in combination with covered edges.

Sound isolation

Our range of sheet fills is complemented by an assortment of sound insulation. If it is necessary to reduce the noise of your device, you may cover the equipment with a soundproofed frame.

We also offer special insulation with high temperature resistance, dustproof and oil-resistant film, film with fireproof properties, etc. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.