Modular belt conveyors

Modular belt conveyors are mainly designed for the transport of piece goods of various properties, especially where the belt resistance to higher temperatures or to mechanical damage is required. They are suitable both for individual use and for installation in larger transport units, production and assembly lines. Conveyor design allows you to solve several line sections (bends, broken sections, etc.) through one drive. They feature a light and solid construction made of anodized aluminum profiles, a modern design and a great deal of variability.


  • conveyors are manufactured according to customer requirements, ie. "made-to-measure"
  • possibility to perform special technological and manufacturing operations directly on the conveyor (eg. blowing, degreasing, draining the oil into the tub under the conveyor, etc.)
  • choice of four types of modular belt materials with different properties and areas of use (eg. food grade, oil resistant or adhesive, gray, blue, white)
  • high service life of the belt
  • various types of modular cells designed for a wide range of applications
  • if the belt is damaged, only the damaged parts are replaced (in the long run a large saving of financial costs)
  • conveyor skeleton made of item modular system profiles with the possibility of easily connecting other profiles or complementary technologies, possibility to modify the conveyor in the future
  • silent operation that predestines the conveyors to be built into permanently installed assembly lines

Technical solution

  • basic frame of conveyor made of aluminum groove profiles of the modular system item
  • drive and driven plastic gears
  • aluminum drive and driven sprockets with tilting ball bearings for adjusting and tilting the conveyor belt
  • drive made up of a compact unit, consisting of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor and a worm gearbox. For heavier loads, use helical-bevel gears.
  • modular strip in 1/2 "to 2" spacing modules connected to each other by rigid plastic rods. Belt materials: PP, PE, POM, PA - For a more detailed description of the belts, see chapter 10. Possibility of filling belts with transverse and longitudinal dampers.
  • plastic sliding guide under the top belt belt to support and reduce friction
  • support rollers of 50 mm diameter (Al or PVC) located under the lower belt section at longer conveyors (over 2 m) to prevent it from being slammed
  • the speed is constant or can be controlled using a frequency inverter
  • the base, as well as the base frame, made of aluminum grooved sections of the modular system item. The variant is also adjustable in height (manual, drive) or sloping design.
  • delivery possible including electrical connection with motor starter or frequency inverter

Optional accessories

  • electrical connection of conveyors including elements such as optical sensors with reflector, safety STOP buttons, frequency inverter, motor starter, etc.
  • base
  • motor 1 x 230 V
  • plastic sliding guide with raised edges for material guidance
  • side guides adjustable only horizontally or horizontally and vertically
  • mechanical end stops