Belt conveyors

They are primarily intended for the transport of piece goods of various properties. The base is a frame made of aluminum grooved profile item sections, a drive and driven drum, and a conveyor belt supported by stainless steel sheet metal. Belt conveyors are the most cost-effective option.


Advantages of belt conveyors

  • the most cost-effective option
  • fast assembly and delivery of conveyors - delivery date of conveyors in standard version up to 14 days
  • conveyors are manufactured according to customer requirements, ie. "made-to-measure"
  • the ability to address specific customer requirements such as a conveyor to the ESD environment
  • wide range of belts to find the optimum solution for the customer with regard to the material and properties of the belts (eg. food grade, oil resistant or adhesive, color black, blue, green or white)
  • conveyor skeleton made of modular system profiles with the possibility of easily connecting other profiles or complementary technologies, possibility to modify the conveyor in the future
  • silent operation that predestines the conveyors to be built into permanently installed assembly lines

Technical solution of standard belt conveyor

  • basic frame of conveyor made of aluminum groove profiles of the modular system item
  • compact drive and driven steel drum
  • aluminum drive and driven drum holders with tilting ball bearings for adjusting and tilting the conveyor belt
  • a drive unit consisting of a compact unit consisting of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor and a worm gearbox, drive fitted with a toothed belt transmission. For heavier loads, use helical-bevel gears.
  • a belt of different features (PVC, PU, ​​textile belt - more detailed description of belts see chapter 10) and manufacturers, possibility of replenishing with crossbars, guide wedges and bellows.
  • the underlying sheet below the top of the belt to support it over the entire surface and to reduce the friction
  • support rollers of 50 mm diameter (Al or PVC) located under the lower belt section at longer conveyors (over 2 m) to prevent it from being slammed
  • the speed is constant or can be controlled using a frequency inverter. In the case of the conveyor with the transmission, the possibility of changing the constant speed can be changed by replacing the transmission, consisting of a toothed belt, two pulleys and a tensioning pulley.
  • the base, as well as the base frame, made of aluminum grooved sections of the modular system item. The variant is also adjustable in height (manual, drive) or sloping design.
  • delivery possible including electrical connection with motor starter or frequency converter

Optional accessories for belt conveyors

  • electrical connection of conveyors including elements such as optical sensors with reflector, safety STOP buttons, frequency inverter, motor starter, etc.
  • base
  • motor 1 x 230 V
  • stainless steel underlay with rectangular or inclined bends for material handling
  • side guides adjustable only horizontally or horizontally and vertically
  • mechanical end stops

Special solutions for belt conveyors

  • conveyor without base - suitable for conveying the conveyor into the customer´s facility
  • conveyor with base, ramp and lighting - for operations running directly on the conveyor
  • sharp edge conveyor - allowing passage of small material
  • angled conveyor - for altering the flow of material
  • belt conveyor for ESD environments - for the transport of materials mainly in the electrical industry, where it is necessary to ensure that there is no static discharge
  • wire belt conveyor - designed to transport material up to 200 ° C or sharp edged material
  • belt turn - stand alone or as part of a straight section of the conveyor