Drive Elements

A friction clamp is used to transfer the torque to the linear unit.
Drive assemblies contain clutch and clutch housing or flange. Variants are available for a particular type of linear unit, gearbox and plug-in play engine, or as a universal solution for creating custom configurations.
Synchronization kits are then used to link several parallel linear units.

Drive Sets (plug ´n´ play)

All the components in the item Automation System are compatible. This eases your workload considerably, as you don’t need to machine the drive shaft or coupling to connect the Drive Set to the preassembled Linear Unit and Gearbox or Motor. Replacement parts can also be installed and used directly, because no additional machining steps are required.

Drive Sets (universal)

Universal Drive Sets connect your Linear Unit of choice to any drive. With custom machining, the coupling can accommodate the relevant drive shaft and ensure play-free power transmission. Please check the relevant diameter and the depth of insertion of the drive shaft. To avoid non-circular running and premature wear, it is important to ensure the Coupling Halves are aligned precisely.

Synchronising Sets

Synchronising Sets comprise couplings that are fitted between two Linear Units and are connected by a Synchroniser Shaft that has been manufactured in the appropriate length. This ensures that the end result is a highly customised and flexible design.


The Synchroniser Shaft Cover Sets and Conduit Profiles are useful accessories for the item Synchronising Sets.

Synchroniser Shaft Cover Sets and Conduit Profiles from item encapsulate the Synchroniser Shaft to stop it coming into contact with external influences and keep dirt out – for maximum operational reliability.