Linear units

Linear units from our offer are a complete turnkey solution.

In our offer you will find 28 units ready for immediate installation with a variety of different types of drives and drives. The units are supplied with drive elements, motors, controllers and other accessories, and are also supported by intuitive software to ensure configuration and commissioning. Choose, install and run - Automation can be so easy!

Selection of Linear Unit

Which technology is less suitable? It will depend a lot on what you want to use it for. We have defined four criteria to help you find the ideal solution faster for your application:

  • useful load
  • speed
  • repeatable accuracy
  • maximum uplift

Select linear unit


Using a simple configurator, you can also design an appropriate automation solution yourself.

Linear Units with timing-belt drives

This supports extremely dynamic movements and therefore short cycle times.In a timing-belt drive, a toothed drive belt locks mechanically around a toothed pulley driven by a motor. This mechanical interlocking eliminates slip and ensures that high forces can be transmitted. The system can also reverse its direction rapidly and accelerate large masses.

Linear Units with a timing-belt drive can be built in virtually any length. As a result, they produce Linear Units that combine high drive forces with long travel distances. The drive effect is applied where the timing belt is reversed.

Linear Units with ball screw drives

Ball screw units are used where high force and precise positioning are required. This is made possible by a precision spindle drive. The speed and accuracy of the positioning are to a large extent determined by the thread guide. By using a higher pitch spindle, the speed that the linear ball bearings unit can produce can be increased. This type of drive is less prone to uncontrollable truck movement in vertical applications. Thanks to the gear ratio to the ball screw, the engine has a lower braking torque than other types of drive.

Linear Units with chain drives

Chain drive is resistant to dirt, can carry great forces and is also ideal for vertical movements. It is used where absolute reliability is required, even in demanding conditions. Linear drive units with chain drive carry great forward driving forces and exhibit excellent load characteristics, often used for the construction of lifting doors and other vertical applications.

Linear Gears with Rack drives

A Linear Unit with a rack drive is often the best solution when a powerful stroke and precise control are required. The driven gearwheel interlocks with the straight rack to eliminate the possibility of slip. The rotary motion of the drive motor is thus converted directly into the rectilinear motion of the carriage.

The rack drive is a robust linear drive that can be used to move heavy loads. A high standard of positioning accuracy is obtained, even on long axes, as the rack does not stretch out when under load.