Pallet conveyors

They represent an effective closed system for the transport of piece goods on technological pallets. Pallet conveyors are ideal for manufacturing and assembly lines that involve automatic or manual operations at specific locations in a given line. The conveyor consists of a frame made of aluminum grooved section profiles, with workpiece carrier pallets that allow movement and attachment of the product during the process. Maximum load per pallet is up to 50 kg. Pallet conveyors offer high and repetitive running accuracy, and there is also a low number of fast-wear parts.


On-line configurator Pallet conveyors


Advantages of the 24 V system compared to the pneumatic circuit version

Reducing installation and commissioning time:

  • there is no need for pneumatic elements
  • work on the assembly of pneumatic components (leakage check, fitting fitting, ...)
  • plug and play - the parameters are integrated on the electronic card 
Environmental protection:
  • low power consumption
  • reducing air pollution
  • significant noise reduction

Significant cost savings:

  • no air, no compressor maintenance and other air conditioning operations
  • reduced integration costs (removal of screwing, adapting  pipe and pipe-hoses)
Easy to use:
  • electronically controlled engine parameters (acceleration / deceleration, speed)
  • direct control over the network bus
  • safety benefits - no risk of electric shock

Technical solutions of TLM pallet conveyors

  • basic frame of conveyor made of aluminum groove profiles of the modular system item
  • workpiece carriers to allow movement and attachment of the product during the process
  • conveying units for transporting and accumulating pallets using a flat belt
  • 180 ° Returns 180 ° returns 180 ° for returning pallets from conveyance to reversible parallel transport unit with 180 ° direction change (preserving pallet position relative to transport direction)
  • cams crossings to change the movement of the palette in the perpendicular direction
  • short shorts - to move palettes between parallel transport units
  • sorting derivations to allow the palette to pass in the right direction or to change the palette movement in the perpendicular direction
  • drive consisting of a compact unit consisting of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor and a worm gearbox, the drive position is horizontal or vertical downwards
  • driving belts flat or toothed (depending on type of application)
  • constant speed
  • the base, as well as the base frame, made of aluminum grooved sections of the modular system item
  • delivery possible including electrical connection

Advantages of TLM pallet conveyors

  • patented, simple and reliable system (low number of fast-wear parts)
  • high precision and repeat accuracy (suitable for accurate on-line operations with precise positioning)
  • optimization of production or assembly cycle time
  • savings in using PLC inputs and outputs: no arcs checks
  • highly modular system with standardized features and minimal maintenance
  • guaranteed low power consumption
  • conveyor skeleton made of item modular system profiles with the possibility of easily connecting other profiles or additional technologies, possibility to modify the conveyor in the future

Optional accessories for TLM pallet conveyors

  • electrical connection of conveyors including locks and position sensors
  • motor 1 x 230 V
  • elevators and lifts

Pallet conveyors

TLM 1500 TLM 5000 TLM 2000