Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are designed exclusively for the transport of piece goods with higher weights (pallets, transport boxes, etc.). They are suitable both for individual use and for installation in larger transport units, production and assembly lines. They feature a light and solid construction made of anodized aluminum profiles, a modern design and a great deal of variability.

Roller conveyor direct driven

Válečkový dopravník přímý poháněný Válečkový dopravník přímý poháněný - výkres

Standard parameters
Length of the conveyor 300 – 13 000 mm
Width of belt 200 – 1 000 mm
Conveyor load 35 kg/m
Drive 3 x 400 V (1 x 230 V)
Belt speed * 3 - 31 m/min
Roller material PVC, zinc coated, stainless steel, Al
Operating temperature 10 – 80 °C
Roller diametr 50 mm
* Speed control via a frequency inverter in the range of 40 - 150% (rated speed=100%) is possible.
The above figures are standard. Other values on request.


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Roller conveyor direct undriven

Válečkový dopravník přímý nepoháněný Válečkový dopravník přímý nepoháněný - výkres

Standard parameters
Length of the conveyor unlimited
Width of belt 100 – 800 mm
Conveyor load 35 kg/m
Roller material PVC, zinc coated, stainless steel, Al
Operating temperature 10 – 60 °C
Roller diameter 32 a 50 mm


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Questionnaire to perform roller conveyor direct undriven


  • high load capacity
  • robust design
  • conveyors are manufactured according to customer requirements, ie. "made-to-measure"
  • possibility to perform special technological and manufacturing operations directly on the conveyor (eg. blowing, degreasing, draining the oil into the tub under the conveyor, etc.)
  • conveyor skeleton made of  item modular system profiles with the possibility of easily connecting other profiles or complementary technologies, possibility to modify the conveyor in the future

Technical solution

  • basic frame of conveyor made of aluminum groove profiles of the modular system item
  • a chain or belt that provides roller drive
  • a drive unit consisting of a compact unit consisting of a three-phase asynchronous electric motor and a worm gearbox
  • rollers of various designs (galvanized steel, plastic, clayey, stainless steel, rubberized or accumulating)
  • the speed is constant or can be controlled using a frequency inverter
  • the base, as well as the base frame, made of aluminum grooved sections of the modular system item. The variant is also adjustable in height (manual, drive) or sloping design.
  • delivery possible including electrical connection with motor starter or frequency inverter

Optional accessories

  • electrical connection of conveyors including elements such as optical sensors with reflector, safety STOP buttons, frequency inverter, motor starter, etc.
  • base
  • motor 1 x 230 V
  • mechanical end stops

Roller conveyors straight

They transport bulk products at a higher weight. The basis of the roller conveyors is a frame made of aluminum grooved profile item sections and rollers of various designs - steel galvanized, plastic, aluminum, stainless, rubberized. The roller drive can be secured by a chain or belt. Roller conveyors are mainly used for high load-bearing capacity and robust construction.